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unknown file extension

i have a large media file (2GB) that was given to me without a file extension. The file was burned on a mac using quicktime, however using .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, and .mpv extensions the file will not open. any ideas on how i can get the file to open?

-Thanks for any help
both quicktime and wmp, both say that they cannot recognize and use it. what is the full list of quicktime supported files, i can just try each of them.


Well you could always double click my computer, then select tools>folder options>view then uncheck 'hide extensions for known file types'.

Then it should show the extension suffix.

Then you can google or check M$ for the application and what can decode it.



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lol i thought he was talking about a mac, but yeah what i said applies to both anyways, yeah lee is right, i hate how windows hides it by default that could lead to viruses appearing to be pictures with a picture icon and a .jpg, with the hidden.exe and boom virus, happened in school cat.jpg.exe i think it was lol
a vob is a no go as well, i am going to google the extensions for quicktime.

Lee: the problem is that it didn't have a file extension to begin with, i am trying to figure out what type of file it is

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