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Unknown cd/dvd rom drives


Hail to the King, Baby!
i was reading the other thread on nforce2 mobo, and i decided to look at my device manager, and i saw my cdrom and dvd rom drives were under "Unknown" they still work fine, but im just wondering why. btw i have an nforce2 mobo with the latest drivers.
ROFLMAO. That is so freaky.

The rule goes like this:
If it ain't broke, don't try and fix it.

I'd leave it alone as long as its performing ok. Cd Rom divers are generic now and the DVD drivers must be working or you wouldn't be able to use the DVD.


hardware monkey
yeah, that is weird. do us a favor and expand your "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" and show us what it shows.

and ther is reason to fix it. you could be losing a good amount of performance and integrity when trying to read or write a cd. what nforce drivers did you last install?


hardware monkey
that's still weird because it looks like it's installed correctly from there. but reinstall the ide driver manually anyway. right-click on the 'nvidia nforce2 ide controller' and do 'update driver...'. point it to C:\NVIDIA\nForceWin2KXP\3.13\IDE\WinXP and restart once it's done. then check your device manager again and see if your optical drives are picked up normally.


hardware monkey
try uninstalling your two optical drives. let windows pick them back up and see if they're recognized correctly.
"can only burn at 4x now"

I feel obligated for an i told you so...

Snickers, and slinks away.

PS Me thinks windows repair is in order now.

Load the cd, ignore the first option to repair. Tell it to do a clean install. Then when it comes back and asks if you want to repair tell it yes.


Hail to the King, Baby!
is there any way to remove JUST the nvidia sw ide driver and revert back to the windows ide drivers? When i uninstall the nvidia ones, windows reboots, but finds nvidia ones. I think this is the problem.

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