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Uninstalling Vista beta 2


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I have upgraded my PC from Windows XP to Windows Vista and I am having quite a few problem since, so I wish to revert back to Windows XP. Can someone advise me how, if possible to uninstall Vista without formatting my HDD.

Many thanks in advance


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You can't downgrade an OS. If you put the Windows XP installation CD in it will not give you the option to "upgrade" or "re-install".

You shouldn't have installed Windows Vista on your production system, it is meant for testing purposes only (on a system that doesn't contain production data).


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Yeah, Guybrush, Madmatt is right. The only way you can revert now is with a reformat. Kinda sucks but happens. Vista imo is kinda bunk now if you want it for a main OS, but as he said, it is just for testing purposes right now....all of that is expected.


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I was not aware that Vista offered an Upgrade option yet. How did you install it?
I believe that was added in Beta 2, it gives you the chance to perform an upgrade installation similar to how you can do it with XP over 2K now :D

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