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Uninstalling Money 2004 Error


OSNN Senior Addict
I am uninstalling Money Standard 2004 and it had an erro 2235 with other descriptions with it. I had attached the image. How can I manually remove any trace of this software so that I could upgrade to Money 2005? Thanks.



OSNN Senior Addict
I did try to re-install MOney 2004 but it won't install. Tried also running microsoft's clean up software but still it can't install or uninstall it. :(


OSNN Senior Addict
Hi. I had successfully installed Money 2005 and after a few days it had an error. After opening it the EULA agreement opens and after clicking the OK button an error comes out saying the it can't open the Agreement page and program has to be reinstalled. I had tried reinstalling it and even tried the clean reboot as suggested on the previous post but still the problem exist and also when I had tried reinstalling Money 2004, after successfully installing it, the icons does not work and in the program folder it only has the Media folder and no other files. What went wrong? Thanks.

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