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Uninstallable hardware


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I have a network card I suspect isn`t working because the PCI memory controller isn`t installed. But I can`t seem to find anything to install it with. Any good suggestions?

It`s the same for my RAID controller.

I printed-to-file the summary of my system and units. If you can read it, great (cause I can`t figure out how, so for my own sake i took a hard-copy)


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Also wouldn't mind a screenshot of your Device Manager - how do you know that the PCI Memory Manager is the device that isn't installed?


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Sounds more like they need to install their chipset drivers. Do what lancer said (or even just a motherboard model).


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Doesn't seem like anything happened from that initial three replies. Maybe I should have posted a reply instead of editing my initial thread.

Anyway, at the top, I have given those willing to help me, a print-to-file, which I had to zip to get it small enough to attach, of my system. If people need more info, instruct me in how to take a screenshot without any camera or instruct me in how HijackThis works. (Saw plenty of people ask for HijackThis-logs)

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To take a screenshot simply press PRINT SCREEN (can also be labelled PRT SC, PRT SCRN) and what will happen is windows will copy the current screen to the clipboard. Simple open paint, paste, save and upload it to a post.

Alternatively if you only want the active window (one that is current in focus) you can press ALT + PRINT SCREEN and it will only copy that window.

As for hijack this, download the program from: http://www.merijn.org/files/hijackthis.zip. Extract is to your desktop and run it. Click on Do a system scan and save a logfile. When it's done a file will appear on your desktop called hijackthis.log simply upload this to a post. You can close Hijack this when it's done.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Got it working by having de-activated the card, putting the RJ-45 plug in the proper port (which I had tried earlier without success) and re-activate the card. Sorry for using time on this problem when it was so easy to fix.
now when people search (hopefully people search), they will find this post and try the same things. think of it as adding to the 'help me' archive.

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