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Uninstall problems



I have Commandos 2 installed and eating up 2 gigs of my hd (I don't think this post should be in games, though, it has nothing to do with the game itself).

I desperately want to uninstall the game to free up space, but when I go into add/remove programs it lists the program as only occupying .79 mb, and when I go to change/remove (or uninstall from either the install cd or program files menu) my only option is to install the game. When I try to 'remove,' the process takes less than a second and I get confirmation that the selected components have been removed. It's still there, though! I want to get rid of it, not install a second incarnation of it!!!!

As far as I can tell my only option is to delete the entire game folder. I don't like when my add/remove programs list is populated with components that are manually removed, though. I have not had to do this with windows xp yet, but it looks like I have no other choice.

I don't know that much about install/uninstall. If I simply delete the game folder will I be removing everything, or does an install place files in other places as well (and if so how can I find and nuke those?). And if I just delete that folder, how can I get control panel to realize that I uninstalled the program?

Obviously I would love it if someone knew why I am unable to uninstall, but it seems I'm just screwed on that front. Any help that can be offered on my problem at all would be greatly appreciated!!



I hate doing that too... But sometimes its necessary...

Try installing the program then uninstalling if you have'nt yet...

If that does'nt work then delete the folder then do a registry search for the program name and remove all entries...

If you have a registry program you trust then use it... The only one I trust is System Mechanic...


Thanks for the help. I did try to reinstall the game earlier. Very strange, it reinstalled but not over the original files. I haven't the slightest idea where it installed to because it chose dir, etc automatically, but i had 2 less gigs free after the reinstall. Uninstalling after that brought me back to where I was before, so something about my first installation must be majorly wrong. I just deleted the source files and got rid of anything in the registry resembling that program. Seems to work! Maybe not the best way to do it but I appreciate the extra space!


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