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I have a folder on my XP Pro Start Menu I cannot delete, it tells me it can't find the path. Have tried it in Safe Mode, from a command prompt, and from a Win 98 boot disk. I can see the folder from any of these but it won't delete. If I right click the folder in XP it just flashes once and gives me no right click options. Is there anything short of formatting that I can try?


Open a command window and navigate to the directory this folder is in. Now type DIR /x . This will give you the 8.3 names of files and folders. Try this name to delete. If still no luck, close explorer from the taskmanager (end process explorer.exe), leave task manager open and try this command in the command window
RD \\.\C:\DOWNLO~1\UNDEL~1 (replace C:\DOWNLO~1\UNDEL~1 with the path of your folder to delete using DOS names).
Start explorer again in task manager. File - New task - explorer.
Hope it works.


el mafioso
yeah thanks a lot, i also had a folder like that

i went to the folder manualy, and put rd FELIPE~1
no need to start from root, its to hard to come up to the 8.3 filenames especially if the folder is somewhere in your documents ( documents and settings\blah\more blah\ )

damn trillian.... :)

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