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I got a XVid movie, but it's undecodable. When trying to load the movie, Windows Media Player 6, 9, Winamp 5 and Explorer all crash. I opened up GSpot to see if it could find something wrong with the movie, but it says all decoders all available and no problems were reported, not even in Render Mode.
So I downloaded VirtualDub and when opening the movie, it comes with this error message: (attachment 1). If I understand it correctly, it says that I should extract the audio as a WAV, then recode it in MP3 CBR (Constant Bit Rate) format and reintergrate in the video stream. But when I select 'Save WAV' in the File menu, I only get a 44 bytes file, no music at all. Same goes when I want to save the video stream.
When I skip the error message and decide to play the file anyway, this error pops up: (attachment 2)
I also tried the Frame Scan, it comes with this report: (attachment 3).

Help me!



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Good site :) Unfortunately I can't seem to find a solution there, I tried searching, but I don't know what I am searching for and what search terms to use.


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As far as the vbr avi goes, that sounds like the audio encoding, which is common for lame mp3 encoding. You can get around that by using Nandub instead of Vdub. However, the corrupt data is probably an insurrmountable problem. I would try avipreview and see if you can open it in that. If not, I suspect you are SOL. The one thing you can try playing with is cutting the video with a splitter that does not open the video, and see if you can create a file of a portion of the vid that does not have the corrupt frames in it. Good luck.


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Nandub gives the same error as VD and AviPreview crashes whe opening the movie. Guess I am f00ked. Too bad. Thanks for all your help though.

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