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I am currently building my own slipstreamed Windows XP Pro CD, using this guide on MSFN.org. I have reached the point where you can integrate a silent install of Office XP into the installation of Windows, but I have a problem. It appears you can't silent install and/or slipstream Office XP, you need the Enterprise edition for that and I have the retail version (PRORET.msi). But I am sure there must be some way of doing it? My search on the internet and newsgroups has provided me with no solution or answer so far.
Copy the Office XP cd to a folder called office2003 in your $1\Install, and add a line to your RunOnceEx (assuming you're doing it that way) that goes like this:

REG ADD %KEY%\001 /VE /D "Installing Office 2003" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\001 /V 1 /D "install\office2k3.cmd" /f
then put a cmd file called office 2003.cmd in your $1\Install folder that goes like this: (a similar CMD file will work if you're doing your unattended stuff by means of a batch)

office2k3.cmd said:
office2003\setup.exe TRANSFORMS="Unattended.MST" /qb-
If you haven't made a MST file, learn how on the unattended Office section of MSFN.


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To make the unattended.mst file, you must use the setup.exe /a switch, but I can't do that, since you need the Enterprise version of Office XP to use that switch.
I'd offer you mine, but it wouldn't work. What version of Office do you have?

Check out the Microsoft KB article about it. Maybe it might help?

/q<option> Selects the user-interface level. Valid options are

n None - No user interface is displayed.

b Basic - Only simple progress indicators and errors
are displayed.

r Reduced - No user information is collected, and
no progress indicators are displayed.

f Full - All indicators with a modal dialog box at
the end of Setup.

+ Adds a completion message to the /n or /b
option. The message is displayed only if Setup
does not need to restart after the installation
is complete.

- Added after the b, f, n, or r option to
suppress all modal dialogs.

NOTE: You can only use this switch with an
Enterprise edition of Office.

Example: /qb-
/settings file Specifies a Setup settings file for customizing
Setup actions. If the file is not located in the
same folder as Setup.exe, include the path;
however, it is recommended the file be in the same
directory as Setup.exe. Specifying a
settings file forces Setup to use the referenced
file in place of Setup.ini.

/settings MyApp.ini


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I use Office XP ;) (I already mentioned that, right?), it's the first retail build, since I got it the day it was released. Anyway, the /qx switch (x being any letter described in your post) doesn't work either, it's complaing about it needs the administrative version etc.
A-HA! I think I may have found it.

Unattended.sourceforge.net said:
Note: To create an Administrative Installation Point, you must have the Retail or Enterprise edition of Office 2000, not the OEM edition. And for Office XP, only the Enterprise edition will do. If you try to use the OEM edition, the setup.exe /a process will appear to work, but it will actually just scribble uselessly over the root directory of the current drive. (Hint: You can correct this behavior by using the Office Resource Kit to create a transform file which changes the OEMRelease property from 1 to 0. But you did not hear this from me.)
Hmm...very nice. This idea is for 2000, but maybe the Office XP ORK might do it as well. Let me know if you try it out.


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I guess... I got a 'eyepatch and parrot' version of Office 2003 running now, but that's English and I have a perfectly good legal version of Office XP Professional Dutch gathering dust. It's not a must to use the administrative version, I'll install it manually afterwards then. Thanks for trying though :)
Ok Glaaniboy, I found what you need. Heh...heh...HEH


I use this program and forgot all about it. I got enamored with making a true unattended file that this didn't come to mind until I was perusing MSFN. It's really easy to use, and will do all that you want.


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Oh man, this looks very good! Consider your rep points upped by 1 :D (I know, I never hand out rep points, but since I have seen people giving me rep points, I want to give some back :))


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I need to do the same thing: slipstream OfficeXP into my WinXP CD, I have a legal version in english. I see you mention the "AutoIT3" program, but I got no idea how to use this program.. Can anybody help me?

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