unable to use member center logon


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4 Feb 2004
Why cant i use the memebr center on the main page?
when i click on any of the buttons it comes up with a login screen,
but when i enter my user name and password, it says it cant log me in :(
what is the reason it gives u ?
Is your IE set to accept cookies ?
are you using the exact URL and not an extension ?

this is what i see when i try to use the members center
on the main page

You have to create an account @ the Forums. Use the same user name and password for both.

Login to website here

[ Lost your Password? ]

but i type my info in and i get a login incorect error :(

yep IE does accept cookies.
You have created an account at the forums, recieved the email and activated your account, but cant login to the website ?

is that right ?
yep thats right :(

i can only log in from the Forums ,
i have tryed everything. but still cant logn in from the main page
having the same problems as the above user :mad:
cant see what the problem is, i have seen the how to waddy poasted...
same probs....

hey i just signed up todayz and i get tha same prob.... grrrrrr:mad: frustration lol could i get some helps please!?!?!
Yer i upgraded the board and the hack i was using doesnt seem to want to work anymore, im working on it

Hey guys.....

I'm startin to get pissed now.. :mad: it's been like a week and i still cant login to the members center!!

how come it is only a handful of people that cant??

fix it please dudes.... i really like the place, so i dont want to start thinkin less of it or go elsewhere k ;)

catchyas...... Tyson.
I joined to day on this great site :p
why cant i log in form the "login" button on the "main" page???
and yes b4 you lot start asking if i have typed anythign in, I have so :p

when's the problem gonner be fixed???
We will be removing the need to login to the main page, for now, it just means that you will have to type your name into any stories that you submit, news comments will eventually be shifted to this forum - therefore the need for another login is no longer needed.

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