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Unable to respond to 'Boot from cdrom' message


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I have been given a pc that has Linux Ubunto o/s on.

After a failed attempt to install Windows XP, I am attempting to load XP from a cd. I changed the bios to set the cdrom drive to the primary boot drive. When I powered the pc on with the cd in situ, although I got the message 'Boot from ATPI cdrom:' I was unable to respond to this message via the keyboard. I know the keyboard is ok because I used it to change bios. I also know the cd is ok because I have loaded XP onto another pc from it successfully.

I am stuck as to what is wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.



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I have tried both types of keyboard.

What is special about the 'ANY' key?

I could really do without 'help' like that _KC_ :devious:
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Is this the original XP installation CD?

Have you tried clearing CMOS? Remove the battery for more than five minutes. But, be prepared to reset any BIOS settings that you have manually changed because removing the battery will reset the defaults.
When installing a replacement OS:

1) Use a PS2 keyboard, some bios do not support USB properly. (My work PC doesn't.)
2) Reset the Bios to defaults.
3) Format and partition the HD. OS's leave stuff behind, lots of stuff. A Track 0 restore may even be required.

PS The "ANY key" joke was funny. :)


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Silly question maybe but are you using this keyboard setup through a KVM? I also wanted to bring this up because I use one at home, and some computers will accept it but some I have to detach and hook right into.

I would also recommend a PS2 keyboard - the BIOS and the phase where the CD is asking for a key to be pressed are actually different areas of functionality. If you are swapping keyboards, what you may want to do is try to boot into an environment just to be sure the PC can see the keyboard completely.

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