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29 Aug 2002
Not sure if I should be poating here or under OS, but see background thread that started this here .

Well to update from that I have now run chkdsk and it seems there are some sort of errors (not bad-looking ones). BUT when I try recovery disc I get a one liner "Unable to load DOS, press any key to try again". Would it help to make another pair of recovery discs? I may try that...

Also if I try running the chkdsk in a DOS box it gives me the option to schedule on next restart because files in use - so I select that but then, as before, it starts the scan and then just stops and says it has finished before it's even really begun.

I am getting soooo scared this could be a reformat and reinstall job!

At least on the plus side I have DriveImage - so hopefully that will save all my stuff to put back on after the reformat and if nothing else I will have tested all my recovery stuff - but I was hoping not to have to do that unless I had a new HD or somesuch!

As always help/advice/moral support appreciated, I just know someone out there has hit this before and would love to hear the answer that worked for them.... ;)
sorted out now (was DR DOS)

SORTED now thanks! A couple of calls to Symantec, 1st time I ensured bootsector virus and quick boot options turned off in BIOS and ran a CHKDSK /R from the recovery console - which made no difference.

But second one they suspected my recovery disks - so I remade a new pair and "hey presto"! At the moment I've just removed my empty partitions but I am about to try putting them back properly without the recovery disks this time then hopefully all will be well going forwards.

Oh shucks and I never got to test the booting into driveImage! Save that "fun" for another day, :cool:

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