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Unable to Join Internet Servers On Lan

Hi ppl :)

Hope u can help with this quick query i run 2 Win Xp manchines running throu a Ethernet Hub soo they both share the same cable internet connection, which works fine, the problem is one of the machines wont connect or search any Servers, it shares the net ok but wont connect to quake servers but works fine on lan and normal web browzing. Is thier a simple soultion to this problem ??????

Hope someone can spare a sec and help :) Many thx


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IPX/SPX Protcol is a Network Interfeirence witch lets you connect to LAN games, gamming networks ETC.

U need to try and install it, this should work.

Start->Control Panal->Network Connections->Local Area Connection->Gerenal Tab->Install->Protocol->NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol->then Hit Ok when that Protocol is Hightlighted->Reboot!
Remind me if I'm wrong, but IPX isn't routable is it? That would mean that the IPX packets won't make it past the first router and are therefor useless when trying to access a server on the Internet. Besides, all (at least most) new games use TCP/IP for multiplayer, not IPX.

You say you share through a hub? I suppose this means you get two IP:s from your ISP? Most ISP:s only give you one IP. Is it perhaps a router you have? Do the computer maybe have the same IP (not good)? What games are you trying to play?


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ok first off

Are u using a Router

and 2endly, IPX is for a gamming network, like HEAT.NET and MSN Gaming ZONE ETC.

TCP/IP is IP to IP Game Play, for intinste, u host a game, in order for me to play on ur game i must connect to u threw TCP/IP,, say thats ur ip, i join on that ip that ip is u and ur hosting tha5t game, HL, TFC, CS all use TCP/IP, NOT IPX/SPX

u using a router or a hub????

big difference their!!!!
Re: ok first off

Originally posted by w0lv3rin3
and 2endly, IPX is for a gamming network, like HEAT.NET and MSN Gaming ZONE ETC.
I checked the MSN Gaming Zone help and they don't mension IPX anywhere. I'm pretty sure they use TCP/IP.

Oh, and it turns out IPX is routable, most routers are just set to drop IPX packets.

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