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Unable to install Debian


Stranger Than Fiction
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Hey all,

I never got into Linux. Tried some versions of Redhat and Mandrake but it wasn't anything that made me want to ditch Windows. Now my job is going to pay me to learn.

I downloaded a DVD image, I installed it at home so I know the disk works. When I boot from the drive at work I get a handy little "CD-Rom could not be mounted, probably because the cd isn't in the drive". This is funny since it just booted from the disk, let me pick my language and keyboard layout THEN failed.

A little googling shows similar errors in Redhat and Unbutu (sp?) but the solutions tend to be try a new disk and like I said, the disk works, I know that much. But I can't find any other solutions to my problem.

Any help would be welcomed.


PS: I'm on a T1 here so I can grab a new image if it comes to that but I don't want to waste my time if there is no way to install this.


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Does it have to be Debian? Right now I'm using SUSE 10 it is a very nice distro, and the Yast controller make everything a snap. ach, just read you have installed Debian at home. Sounds like an error with teh tracking laser, can you mount the image from another drive?


Stranger Than Fiction
Political User
I'm might be able to get another drive but this one is new and its DVDRW and I don't think they'll get me another one. I'm installing to a completely different HD, is there a way to install it out of windows or something?

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