Unable to create adhoc wireless network


Woah.. I'm still here?
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Vista SP2

Anyone know why I can't seem to create an adhoc wireless network? Whenever I go to create an adhoc network, all Vista tells me is: "Windows is unable to create <network name>"

Doesn't matter what name I give the adhoc network.. just doesn't want to work and that's all the info it gives me.

Changed wireless drivers to several different versions.. Tried while connected over ethernet and disconnected.. enabled/disabled the wireless card multiple times.. UAC on and off.. Windows firewall on and off.. On the domain, off the domain

Nothing seems to want to work to allow me to create an adhoc wireless network..


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Woah.. I'm still here?
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Found those lilnks already :)

Managed to downgrade the wireless drivers to a way old version and got it to work when the laptop is undocked. Still doesn't work when in the dock though - but since I usually only need it when undocked I'll deal with the limitation..

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