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Unable to boot at 133FSB



Ok heres the deal:

computer wouldnt get past the welcome screen, it would just lock up totally. nothing new was installed or deleted, no hardware changes either. First thought my hdd was corrupted but tested just perfect on another computer. Than thought maybe motherboard was screwed up somehow.......so I ordered another motherboard......than played around with the FSB and lowered it from 133 to 100 and now everything runs fine......Now I'm thinking it's the chip because it still runs as hot as it did when it ran at 133. Im probably ordering a new chip too anyway. Any ideas what could be wrong? Oh yea the highest FSB I can raise it to before it gets all nuts on me is 120.


NTFS Stoner
With the XP2100+ and the GF4 TI4600, thats taking a hell of a lot of power. What size is your PSU ?. I'm wondering if the PC is running out of steam at 133 FSB ?
My friend with XP2100+ and GF4 TI4600 was told to buy at least a 400W PSU to run the show, worked fine after :)


ya im runnin a 400 watt raidmax....screw it im gonna go get the highest psu possible...lol....already ordered a new board and the xp2200......my computer junk:(.........

i had 4 fans runnin off the mobo headers and 3 of um were runnin 5000rpm+.....figured that was my problem....nope cuz i just trried with them connected dirctly to molexs.......still froze at the welcome screen.......oh well.....start from scratch:)

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