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Un-Capped Cable and DSL Modems



Whats up all, I live in Vancouver Canada (West Side Reprezentin')
I have seen the news about these poor guys who are gonna get some horrific jail time (I think its 5yrs) for "Un-capping" their Modems. This interests me as i have a lust for speed. I am in no way asking for illeagle info. But how is this possible? (to uncap)

I am running T3 connection (yes i know its fast but w/e) So i dont care. But i have a friend and his connection sucks so much he has a hard time downloading from kazaa, like 14kbs. Where as i dont even see the download bar. Its like 2 secs and its done. Ahh the life of speed.

Ya um any info, ideas, input ..... anything?



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A lot of people are confused with how P2P like Kazaa works. You are downloading the material directly off of other kazaa user's computers, so your maximum download speed is based on their upload. For example of you are downloading the file from someone with a capped cable/DSL upload (usually 128kbps), expect to get MAX 14-16KB/s. Dialup users will result in a max of 3-4KB/s. You will NEVER get your full download speed off P2P networks like Kazaa (unless of course to somehow find another user with a unlimited T3 :D)



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while you can't uncap it, you can increase your window size and the other things that www.speedguide.net suggests. just go to the one that is for cable and DSL. that will allow you prob 25-30 more kbps



Perhaps i should rephrase my question.

I want to know how these 15 yr old kids "Uncapped" their lines. It seems impossible to me, short of hacking their server and unlocking bandwidth.:cool: Doo-able:D


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well they can uncap it in several ways.

1. Re-flash their cable modems router with other settings allowing it to download faster.
2. They buy a modem that is allready flashed
3. The cable modem gave them a faulty modem and it is uncapped.

3 is highly unlikely to happen. But the other 2 is a few ways how they do it. I suggest you dont go off trying to break your providers TOS, or the law. Cause this would be called stealing.


DSL modems from what I have come to understand, CAN NOT be uncapped, unless of sourse you break into the TELUS office and reprogram the DSLAM for you line to boost your speed (the speed is set at the local telco not in your modem)

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