Umicons Shell Pack

indyjones Adventurer
5 Nov 2002
Hi does anyone know where i can get manhattens umicons in the form of a shell replacement (for SP1) eg shell32.dll and mydocs.dll replacements I have a version but its a little iffy. Does anybody know r should i move onto G.A.N.T if so does anybod know where i can find that too :rolleyes:

Cheers :)
since your asking for 2 different ones, maybe we should make this thread for posting all the shell32.dll's and the one's to come. Dont you think?
I currently have shell32 icon sets of Aqua, G.A.N.T, iCandy Junior, Snow E2, and Umicons. They're all too large to post as attachments here...between 10 and 30 megs each.
Perhaps we could have a section for them in the NTFS downloads section. I wouldn't mind uploading all my sets if something like that is created. Not sure how many people want them though. It would depend on that.
Yea, that sounds good. I think thats a good idea!
Yeah that would be amazing :D I have an icandy Junior which contains other .dlls and some replacement .exes too
I would love to see this :) Also would be really nice if someone (forgot who did it sorry) would re-post that .dll tutorial along w/ them.
Xie: I posted that, however I'm holding off posting it again 'cause updating it and I'm writing it again :) Should have something up soon though.

As for putting a whole bunch of dlls in one place for download, its a great idea, but sadly I don't know how I'd/or anyone else would be able to host that, those files are usualy kinda big.
what we need is a nice host and a torrent file maybe :)
Yeah, that's an idea I got recently. I think that would work best.
i wouldnt mind a 'gant' shell... gant icons rock!! hm, just upload them to any bit torrent site you find and tell us where you posted them (if doesnt want to host it)
accually, Neowin has like a couple of theme. You just need to look!
You know. I might be able to help with the storing of some of these files. Not sure exactly how people would want something like this set up though.
ShepsCrook said:
You know. I might be able to help with the storing of some of these files. Not sure exactly how people would want something like this set up though.
Would definitely be nice. :)
I'm looking into it right now actually. If people will list things that they would like in the site, that would help out greatly. Be realistic please.

Registration downloading?
Techy news/info. (yeah yeah yeah, yet another place for that)
Forums (It's a given)
Downloads (Works for me, just need to start gathering stuff for it.)
Tech Tips (Ok)

Anything else?
I was talking just a host for shell files alone ... :)
Well, either or, I'd want to do a gathering of Desktop GUI programs and shells, and whatever really, graphics people have made for their desktop. Who knows. I'm sure there's a lot out there already.
Anychance for a section on the front page for them like the downloads section in the old days.. ?
I just remembered there is a G.A.N.T. pack for msn as well. I don't remember the site as I googled it.

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