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UMD to be discontinued by movie studios


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Khayman said:
UMD was stupid rubbish, expenisve and a waste of time, money and resources
Not sure of the details, but I thought it was just the Hi-MD with a different casing. They both hold 1GB capacity.


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i always thought this would be the case but its still sad, sony seems to keep on missing the mark in everything except the playstation, if it wasn't for that they would actually be out of business now as the PS actually generates more than half of their entire yearly gross.
i don't see how... i mean they are so expensive already... you know that half the money is going into external design.

as for the movie disks... i always thought that was stupid-- i mean gee are you going to pay twice for a movie? one for home and another for the road... come on lol

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