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Ultra X-Connect Power Supply Review


Dabba Dooba
Political User
Hey I just got my power supply after 2 weeks of it being on backorder.Ifigured why not do my first review. I not the best at reviewingthingsor typing for that matter but I am gonna try my best.I will bereviewingthe 400w Ultra X-Connect Power Supply.

Price: I have seen prices from $68 to $100 dollars. I got minefor$68.63 which IMO is a great deal cause regular power suppliescostabout $50-60.

Installation: Installing the PSU wasn't difficult but the maincablethat goes to your mobo might be hard to plug into the PSU if youhavecd or dvd drives that stick out in the back a bit but you willmostlikely be able to fit it in by bending it which will not harm thecableat all.Plugging the cables is easy as cake. Plug one end into thepsuand the other end/s into the drives.

Noise: According to the box for the PSU it is a low noise PSU butIhavent noticed anything really because my case fans are what makesmypc loud.

Air Flow: Not to sure about this it might help a lil bit but prob nothing noticeable.

Appearance: I love the look of the PSU its shiny and black(thereareother colors too). I like how the cables light up if you have aUVlight in your pc but since I don't I won't know how cool it is.Oneconis that it will leave smudges really easy so if you are picky makesureyou ripe it :dead:.

Conclusion: Over all I love the PSU already and would reccomend thistoanybody that is looking for a PSU that has a window or if they wanttohave less cluter when they are fixing on there pc. I hope thisreviewhelped and if not then go ahead to any other site and readtheresbecause like I said I am not good at reviews nor good at typingas manyof you can tell. Hope you all have a great day!

Also you may notice that I have a Regular IDE cable mixed in witharound IDE cable and thats because best buy and circuit city were outofstock of what I wanted so it would match the one that came with mymobo.

edit: will be adding pics in a bit

edit 2: The word cluster thing happend :(...sorry.
cool but: where are the important details like current on the rails and fan speed control, number of fans, comparison to Tagan 480w (kidding), details of PFC if present active or passive, current smoothing, spike/dip protection.

As a note it usually helps to install the psu before the drives :)


The One and Only
LA: has short circuit protection, In-Rush current protection, and Thermal Overload cutoff protection. Believe the fans are temperature controlled, but not sure, due to the same reason as Tittle, case fans + hard drive + CPU fan > PSU. And i'm guessing this is the info you were looking for about the current. this is what it says right on the back of the box.

+3.3VDC      +5VDC      +12VDC      -12VDC      -5VDC      +5VSB
  28A         30A        34A        0.8A        0.3A        2.0A
if that wasn't the kinda info you were looking for..... jus say so.

Is really a great PSU. dual 80mm super quiet fans. if you look into some of the other reviews where they actually disassemble it, the wires for the 2 fans are sleeved. i think it even dropped my CPU temp like 2 or 3 degrees after i installed it, since my HSF blows the air directly out the sides, and the fan on the bottom of the PSU is like right in line with the CPU fan.


The One and Only
also says on the side of the box that it's a Continuous Power System. and i quote:
Unlike traditional power supply technology which can generate full wattage only for short intervals, this X-Connect power supply will generate full wattage continuously. This continuous-wattage technology delivers 100% of the required power for all connected devices 24/7, without drop off. Superior performance and full power---continuously! Why settle for less?
I still regret not getting the Blue or Limited Edition Green ones. :cry: they are so awesome looking


Dabba Dooba
Political User
Yes I agree with you there Ele but i just didnt have the money sinceispent most of the money I got for my b-day on my rig. Sorry Ididntgive more info about all that stuff Lord should of thought ofthatwhile I was making the review.

here are some pics :)...not the best since it was late at night.

Another Before

Will add another pic if I get around to it after school if not then its no big deal.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
nice first review tittle, reps on the way

on your next review, make sure you list all the tech details harware types look for, as some of the posters here on the thread point out...also, mention the supposed improvements over other productsthe that the companty claims

then you can post your opinion of the company claims vs your practicle experience

nice first effort


Dabba Dooba
Political User
Thanks :)...I wish I would of waited till today to do the review because I prob would of done a better job since I wrote it kinda in a hurry but not really. I might do a revision of it soon after I get more use into it and see how everything works out. I left it on over night and everything was fine :). Thanks again


Dabba Dooba
Political User
I most likely will perris but i am gona focus on setting my computer up now since I have time too. I will prob rewrite it in the next few days.

Lord: Who are you saying that too?


The One and Only
kinda figured i'd post a picture of the inside of my case too. only really have an after shot on hand, but when you see the pic, you can probably imagine what it would look like with a standard PSU. plus... my pic ain't that great quality since i took it with my cell phone mostly to see exactly how good quality the pics on it are. not that bad if i do say so myself. was kinda hard to get the airial shot too, since a) had my computer sitting on a couch cause of our dog that is WAY too friggin curious about stuff and b) cause i couldn't get too close to the couch for the same reason. dog was laying right in front of the couch.


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