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the link will show 2 devices on my primary ide channel.... first device is my ata133 hdd... and the second is my cd RW... I can't for the life of me figure out why it is not showing as ultra dma 6... as I think it should...

is this ok or is there a problem?

I have checked all cables/jumper settings... hdd is master and cd rw is slave... all cables are connected... latest drivers software blah blah blah all installed...

any ideas ?


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most likely thing I can thing of is that one of the two things the rw drive doesn't support that stanard or the cable is the problem but also keep in mind that ata133 is the max u can get in theory but u also have everything that supports that theorcal speed


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ok heres the stumper... check out the 2 pics... first one above is my PRIMARY channel...

second is my SECONDARY channel...


thanks chastity for the response but the thing is I don;t believe the cable is at fault... I have switched it up 4 times with different cable combos (I have 2 rounded and 2 flat ata133 cables... and I used different combo's... all same result)

the SECONDARY channel devices are master... DVD player.. slave ata100 HDD... they show the proper ultra dma settings in device manager..

they show same settings when I plug them into my primary channel too...


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ok so you have ruled the cable out. the only thing I can still think of is the cd-rw drive is the problem but it could also be something else but since u have not ruled out the cd-rw drive I would swap it and the dvd or other harddrive and see what u get. If doesn't help them I'm outta of idea's


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I get the same as you, XP wasn't designed to run ata133. If you got the latest drivers & install sisoft sandra. You will see the drive running udma mode 6.

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