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UK XP-eriance Meet


I'm sorry Hal...
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Following on from Lady sunshine's thread here I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the possibility of staging a get together here in the UK.
As bytes back said in the other thread "It's going to have to be a central location, say about Birmingham and it's got to be easy to find with loads of parking."

So if anybody is interested or has any ideas as to venues etc then please post away. I just think it would be cool to hang out, have a few drinks and watch EP strut his funky stuff :D
Talking to bytes back on the phone as I type, both of us would be very interested in this. We're in Cornwall as you know, but could travel anywhere (within reason). Sounds like fun!!



I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
Originally posted by Electronic Punk
I suggest the Gatecrasher Summer Sound System.
Only £50 entry and happens in just over 2 weeks.
Several words spring to mind, but none of them can be repeated on here :)

It would be best to agree on a location first. and would probably be best if someone was there or near who can organize things etc, agree on what sort of event its going to be, then, obviously a date.


I'm sorry Hal...
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My bad. my comment was not entirely obvious. The certain words were intended to be entirely negative :)

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, I know thats what I originally thought. But Craig David is not going to be there this year, and its not like you have to leave the chemical generation area is it ?

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