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UK T-Mobile? Yay or Nay


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Hi all,

I am thinking of buying a new phone and I fancy the shiny new HTC touch diamond 2 :D

Now the best deals I have seen is on T-mobile as it has included unlimited internet (1gig fair usage which is loads).

The only thing is I have no experience with T-mobile just wanted to get some people's feedback please :)
t-mobile is pretty good

I'm only planning on paying them off due to lack of funds :)

T-mobile are the only company in the uk offering the decent HTC stuff anyway too.


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Not sure what their tariffs are like now, but when I had it 2 yrs ago, they were like up to 200mins OR 200 text inclusive on a £25 tariff, whereas with O2 you get 200mins + 200 text for £30.
Otherwise than what I might consider as expensive, the network itself is decent.

Found this (if you're interested)

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