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[UK] Pay montly, windows mobile + decent built in GPS?

ANy one got links on where I might find the above in the uk? My dad has a HP Ipaq with awesome GPS on vodafone but I can't see them offering that on their uk website.

I do have the n95 with gs but I usually arrive where I'm going before it even has a satellite lock these days...


hasnt the n95 got a-gps? (assisted gps)
i recently got the n95-8gb which among its many updated features (ram/battery/demand paging etc) does have this feature, (it uses mobile/satellite hybrid signal to help locate, MUCH Quicker than standard gps)

maybe its availiable as a firmware update for the old n95? i think you need v12.x + for this feature
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hey Lord, if you're looking for a new phone then maybe look at the O2 Orbit v2, or the O2 Stellar... Stellar has built-in keybard.
On the GPS side, you may need to purchase the software separately, although I think the Orbit v2 comes with Co-Pilot.


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