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UK - OEM Media Centre 2005 Remote

Read the fine print ;)
* To Take full advantage of this remote control and its functions, Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition needs to be installed (NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS ITEM).
** A TV card is required for recording.
1, Microsoft OEM Operating system software MUST be purchased with a non-peripheral hardware component or fully assembled computer system. Non-peripheral hardware consists of a motherboard, graphics card, memory module, hard disk, keyboard or mouse. 2, Microsoft OEM Application\Server software Must be purchase with a fully assembled computer system only. Full retail boxed products must be ordered if no hardware\PC system is to accompany the sale.


Moozically Con~foozed
i have a media center and the remote is a usb detected device that emulates key presses (eHome controls) so it should work with all flavours of windows although the media center specific (green button) controls will have no relevance in a non media center environment.

Electronic Punk

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Well I think if I had the option of installing Media Centre / Center 2005 I would do it, even tho I am perfectly happy with my current system. It would mean I could hook it up to my TV better, but not only that when the Xbox media extenders arrive in this country I will be all set.

Attacking eBay now to try and get a copy ;D
Will nip out tonight to PC world and buy a tv card or 2... is there is a list of compatible tv cards anywhere?


OSNN Advanced
Electronic Punk said:
ordered mce 2005, now for tv cards... tho I use sky digital :s.
ah well worth a go.
I do believe that most tv cards have the RCA/phono connections. Not much help when it comes to auto detect/switch, like you would experience on a 21-pin scart connection on the tv. But at least it's something that enables you to connect your Sky box to your pc I guess.

Electronic Punk

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Will hopefully get the remote tomorrow, perhaps the os.
No idea what to do then.

Hoping I can somehow get a signal from my skybox to the input of whatever tv card.

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