UK - FS: My Rig :-(


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Times are tough at the moment so I'm afraid I have to let my PC go.
Thing is I have no idea what its worth....
This PC was built by myself....
Can anyone make me an offer?

Here's everything:

AMD 3200 CPU (Jetmaster 7 Cooled)
1024MB 3200 Branded RAM
Hercules 256MB 9800XT
Asus A7V8X -E Deluxe
8x8x32 CD-Writer (yea I know it sucks)
DVD-Rom Drive
80GB HDD ATA133 8mb cache
60GB HDD ATA133 2mb cache
PCI ATA133 IDE card
Floppy Drive
250mb internal zip drive (3 Zip disks included)
4 Internal cooling fans
Creative 3300 Speakers and Subwoofer
21" Iiyama MT - 9021E/T Vision Master Pro Monitor
Vast selection of old and new games
Logitech Webcam
Logitech Keyboard
Microsoft Optical Mouse
Case with shiney neons:)
If the price is right, I'll let you have my Steam account which is entitled to a copy of HL2. :p



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whats a ballpark figure you are asking?

its best to put that out there whenever you post in this section..
damn nice computer sorry you have to let it go, i think according to the specs and the big screen, good cpu, should be well over 500 or 700 usd, wait for someone else's opion on that though


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less pity... more bids please :cool:

if you can help out lockstock... stick a number out there and contact the lad... :)


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X-Istence said:
Fedex does work outside of the US :p.
True.. but that doesn't solve the money issue that Jewelzz metions which is magnified by internaltional shipping costs. :)

You also might want to check the ram and see what brand they are. You say branded, but that could mean they are just Kingston ValueRam.