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UK - FS: Audigy 2 Platinum


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Hi all

Item for sale!

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum
Supplied with all the original software, manuals, leads (all midi leads etc still in unopened plastic bags) and packaged in original box
Card supports all the latest EAX standards (same drivers as newer Audigy 2 ZS) only difference is no (hardware) DTS decoder and 6.1 support rather than 7.1.
I can also burn all the software updates and new drivers to CD.

Selling as I wish to buy a coolermaster stacker, both to raise to money and because the drive bay will not match :rolleyes:

All in obviously perfect condition (though UK buyers much preferred)

Any Offers Please! :)


We Speak Geek
I really have no idea how much to offer, but I would be interested, but not necessarily for another 2 weeks or so, so if anyone else gets there before me, feel free to sell :)


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£25 is way too low :( cost me about £150 new and the equivalent new card is about £140.
The card is only a year old so I would like £80 really or as close to that as possible


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Taggert_LOA said:
i've found it brand new for £40.00 so £80.00 seems a little high to me.......
I find that very unlikely can you display the link please? I bet £40 for just the card but not for the platinum package with the drive bay fitting etc.

As the card alone http://uk.europe.creative.com/shop/product.asp?prod=370
is £45

And the drive bay http://uk.europe.creative.com/shop/product.asp?prod=415
is £50

minus all of the software, games, and leads etc

So ok £80 is a little high, but I guess £65 is nearer the mark


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Ahhh that card picture is nothing like mine for a start mine has built in firewire, and all connections are gold plated As for factory warrenty i am not sure as i dont know how long creative offer as standard.
That's a great card. I have the same one. Although, I hate having to find the drivers for the thing. Creative "makes it easy" but they really don't I think. That and which EAX and all that fun stuff.

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