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UK - Custom Fees?

Hey all,

This is mainly towards people in the UK that have ordered previously from america!

My brother's hoping to order some memory from ebay.com but i'm tryingto work out for him if it's actually worth him ordering it, paydelivery, then the chance of customs searching fees compared to justbuying over here.

I've never ordered anything overseas before - anyone know the chanceof/approximate price of customs sneaking through my bro's package? (yesi know how dodgy that could sound..)

Thanks a lot!



I'm sorry Hal...
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Customs is charged on anything over £18. There's a slight chance it might get through otherwise depending on the packaging.

you will be charged 17.5% VAT plus a customs charge (usually isn't much depending on the original price) and Royal mail charge of about £4-5 if its delivered by them
Ah damn yeah; The current bid is $300, there or there-abouts.

I think the bloke said the delivery is only $10 which seemed a bit low but <shrugs>


Dabba Dooba
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Did u say he was ordering memory from ebay? Seems like $300 is alot for memory or did i miss something?


There is no answer!
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good moonwraith, just have your brother put the memory in his pocket or in the suitcase and just dont declare it. whats so hard, am i the only smuggler here or something? :)
Hmmmm - He passed down the option, he hadn't heard of customs :lick:

Cheers for the info though people, I'll keep that in mind for future orders

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