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UK Broadband Recommendations Please


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Hi all its been a while :)
I am finally going to get shot of my 56K modem next month to upgrade to broadband.
Which service provider does people recommend here in the UK?
I am currently thinking of getting it from TESCO, due to cheap (~£15 a month) with free connection, modem and unlimited downloads, however I can not find much info about their service.

Cheers :)


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Anything but BT :)
To be honest, they're pretty reliable, but there are cheaper packages elsewhere. Maybe go for a provider such as Zen Internet, PlusNet or Nildram?

Adslguide (www.adslguide.org.uk) has a very nice list of providers and forums for questions on certain ISP's. Cable is a another choice too, but you'll have to get a different line.


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You'll also get much better offers from ISP using LLU. I'll be getting my 8mbps upgrade for free before the end of this month from Bulldog.


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yeah it needs to be a BT line one, also not too fussed about super quick speed 512 will be ok although i would prefer it unlimited :) thanks for the info so far will look into it


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In that case, go for Pipex. I've been with them for about 3 years before switching over to Bulldog for a faster connection.
Pipex offers a 1mb service for £23.44 which is cheaper than many other ISPs and you get a very good quality service out of them.


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I use Virgin.net, they're different from most others as you don't need to take out a 12 month contract, you just pay monthly until you want to cancel it. It's just been upgraded to 1Mbps but there is now a 20GB cap, although I don't think I've ever got close to that. Service-wise they have been excellent so far, not had a single problem. Unlike BT which we have at work; we get a lot of downtime with them, and that's with a business contract.
MFG and I use Nildram. We're on the 50Gb cap deal but they offer uncapped for twice the price :)

I can do large downloads at work though.


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And IMHO although they are efficient and provide the service Nildram are not the cheapest, then again they are throwing in their Hometalk service to get your landline calls at £5 for a month, so maybe it works out not so bad when you take that too, but it depends if you wanted that.... I think the intro deal on HomeChoice looks good, but then there is depends if you want movies on demand....
used to be a plusnet user until they started capping on accounts they call "unlimited" ;)

moved to Zen, now get 2mbit & binaries (only 7 day retention though) totally uncappped usage for £35 a month..

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