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UHHH OHHH!, i didnt even see this, did u guys?


High On Life!
man screw them if i see one (which i think i do everyday! LOL) ill try my best to run them off the road and get that reward money, but not only for the reward money, i hate them and they probably suck at driving which i also cant stand, so im ridding the world of evil and also a bad driver! :D


OSNN Junior Addict
can anyone here say "Hoax" ?

this is your goverment trying to scare you with the whole "bas guys" thing again...

So bush can win the election....


High On Life!
yeah i could see how, but i dont really undrestand many people in the states, he was the worst president to deal with terrorism, or should i say didnt deal with it, he let 9/11 happen and went into iraq without a reason, and is telling the american people that there is a reason! how do people want to reelect him?

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