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19 Feb 2005
well if you read my previous post in this section ... i did fry a motherboard because i purchased a new one ... a8n32sli deluxe and everything worked fine. after downloading 70+ updates including the latest forceware drivers and firefox i took a nap.

I then decided i would go ahead and attach my other video card and soundblaster audigy zs platinum. Fired the computer up again and well ... it now freezes at the windows login and does not recognize the keyboard or mouse ...both usb ...but it shows in the usb bios section that it recognizes 1 mouse and one keyboard.

what gives here?

i took out the video card and soundblaster... tried again ..same crap. even in safe mode.
Well you should have installed all your HW before you formated, I would say that was your first mistake. Have you tried to revert to last settings that worked? Have you tried unplugging and plugging back in your USB devices at boot up after you get to windows?
yes ..i have. i even tried to repair with the original windows cd. oddly ... when i did that several files were unable to copy to the installation folders. so ... i wiped out the raid 0 setup and tried again and still no mouse or keyboard. well actually the keyboard works but not the mouse.

I reset the bios ... under the hardware section of the bios there is the usb tab. it still says 1 keyboard 1 mouse. also says usb 1.1 and 2.0 enabled and usb legacy on auto.

its odd. keyboard is saitek gamers pro
mouse is the logitec wireless .. one before thislatest g7 or 5 or whatever.

im gonna call asus in a few hours and ask them. if this mobo is messed up im gonna quit on asus and try something else out ... any suggestions?

ive put together a zillion media centers using linux and windows and have never seen this. the mouse and keyboard work on other computers including this tablet.

I'm guessing it is an irq problem ... but these motherboard settings have become so complex with so little documentation about them its hard to know for sure.

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