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uhh....help me please!! (explorer.exe...?)


OSNN One Post Wonder
hey....ok...right...ermm..from the top..
i was lookin at folder settings in a normal folder (tools--->folder options--->(tab) file type--> (button) advanced.))
i didnt actually change anything here, just looked around, but then after a while, when i tried to open a folder instead of opening it it started a search within the folder, when right clicking on the folder the default was (bold one) was search, thas when i realised them settiings were wrong, so i looked at them and realised that the open option wasnt on the list in the above place, so i had to create a new open err thing, and choose a program, so i typed in explorer.exe, this works but now ever folder i click on opens a new winidoe, every setting (in xp :( ) says open in same window, either what is the extension after explorer.exe that makes it open in the same window,,,if there is one, or if there is another way around this,,,,please help i cant stand this...thanks in advance....


OSNN One Post Wonder
hmm maybe but methinks theres an easier way, i saw the explorer.exe as a target or somethin b4 an it had extensions on the end, so im hopin there is one b4, before i have to do a restore :)

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