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So I get suckered into formatting a PC for a friend of a friend. The thing is probably 8-9 years old. I've tried the manufacturer's website for drivers without any luck. I figure I'd try and download any drivers I could find and put em on CD. Anyone have any idea where I could get Windows 98SE drivers for the following:

Modem: ISA Motorolla
#s on it - 620942470001
- Assy 4246
- 9617
- SC 34380CQC
- AHA1505C1
- 980D00082PQ

Sound Card: ISA Sound Blaster 16 CT2290


Network Card: ISA Linksys Ether 15 Lan Card
- LNE 200T
- KA2APC260P0
- 004005-AE27BE

Video Card: PCI ATI 3D Rage II+DVD
- 215GT2UB23
- B1Y09
- 9809SS
- 11340603-101

Any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks.


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Yes, you got suckered (snicker)...

You can find all those drivers on the floppies that came with the computer. If your friend threw those floppies away then tell him to throw the computer away too because its $60-120 an hour for someone to go digging for that stuff and it is not worth the effort for an antique POS.

All those products are off the manufacturers web sites. There is an old drivers site where you get to pay for them...

I have some Rage 3D drivers for 98 but don't know about the +DVD thing. One is 2 meg the other 4 meg. If you are really interested in doing this insanity let me know how to send them to you.
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Sorry mate I know how you it is to get suckered into doing work for friends friends etc. Pretty soon people you don't even know start calling you. This one guy I moved away from calls me about once a year, never to say hello, but to ask for computer help. I got my family to tell him I moved out last time he called.


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Driverguide is OK.

I uploaded a whole suite of drivers and apps for SoundBlaster-Creative cards.


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Cool, thanks.
I had to replace the floppy drive as the eject button did not work, no big deal since I had a spare but the CDROM is toast as well which is bad, gonna find a used one tomorrow.


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LeeJend said:
Why does this thread remind me of the brain dead woman in Florida no one would let die in peace?

:eek: That's cold man... real cold. :p

Hey Kr0m, ya know ya could tell yer friend that some hardware died and that it won't live again without expensive upgrades. Make sure you put a lot of emphasise on expensive... say it loudly. That will take care of yer nightmare. :D


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Yeah, any sort of upgrade is out of the question. I'm pretty much doing this for free, as a favor. Their budget is pretty tight and even getting a used/new cdrom might be a big deal for them.


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LeeJend said:
I hate this damn border ****. I have an old cdrom I could send you but costs a mint + duties cross border.

Get Kr0m to set up a P.O. Box just across the border in the U.S. and you ship it to that P.O. Box. He picks it up and goes back across to Canada.

I never said this. :rolleyes: :smoker:


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Kr0m said:
Gonna get a new 52x cdrom today for $23 CAD. I'll just have to hope they pay me back.... someday.
i would have gotten the money up front and said that you cant fix the computer without it.


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i would have Squeezed every last dime out of their poor tight fisted fingers... hahahahaha make them feel the pain :)

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