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Alright, so I'm having a bit of a problem.

My Athlon XP 1600+ SHOULD be running at 1.4 Ghz, correct?

Well, it does. However, if it is running at 1.4 Ghz, DVDs freeze, and games like WarCraft3, NWN, Dungeon Siege, and C&C Renegade freeze. Sometimes stuff in Windows Media Player will freeze as well, but not nearly as often. However, I can only get into about a minute or two of playtime in those games before my system locks up.

Now then, if I go into my BIOS and set my processor down to 1.0Ghz, everything runs fine. No freezes, system up for weeks at a time. I've tested everything, exept for the processor and the motherboard.

I'd like some suggestions. Is the processor bad? Mobo bad? Am I doing something wrong here? I've never overclocked, so the Athlon isn't damaged by that or anything. Please help. Running UT2K3 at 1Ghz kills me. ;)

Thank you, and I will answer any questions you need me to.


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It may be overheating... check to make sure the fan (you do have a fan right?) is functioning corerctly and teh case can be easily ventilated.


could be the CPU.. can you exchange it? if you can at least you can see if a new CPU sovles your problem or if it still exists there's another problem.. also, do you have the latest BIOS for your mainboard? have you installed more RAM recently?


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*sigh* Yeah, I can exchange it. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to, though, since I'd have to send it to AMD and be without a computer for God knows how long...Latest BIOS, yes. No new RAM recently. I figured it has to be either the processor or the mobo. Any other options besides sending it back?

Ram could be bad, I would try that before you send it back, so a search for a ram checker at any of them should work ok.



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Already checked it. I checked it with a RAM checker and then, just to be sure, I swapped it with another stick Kingston shipped me for that purpose. No go.


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