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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by crono_logical, May 17, 2002.

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    I seem to have a problem trying to get XP read my HDs in UDMA mode 5. One is a mode 5 drive, the other a mode 6, but the problem is that XP won't use anything above mode 2.

    Both are connected on the same IDE cable (seeing as the other has the 2 CD drives).

    When I use a shielded cable, XP won't go above Multi-Word DMA2, even though the BIOS during the bootup sequence correctly identifies both dirves as mode 5 capable (the motherboard isn't mode 6 capable, but that shouldn't be a problem). I've tried putting them on seperate cables by temp. removing the CD drives and even placing them both on Secondary, but regardless of what conbination setup I use, XP will refuse to go above UDMA2. The only way I can get UDMA2 is with an unshielded cable, the sheilded cable always forces Multi-Word DMA2, which as far as I know is slower than UDMA.

    Again, in all cases the motherboard correctly identifies the dirves as mode 5.

    Is there something I'm meant to change in XP to enable the faster speeds?
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    Didn't work, Squally, still stuck in UDMA2 xD