Ubuntu install hangs


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30 Jan 2002
hi guys,

trying to install Ubuntu on top of Vista and XP. Actually only on top of XP coz I use my BIOS' boot device selection to boot from different HD's.

However, after the splashscreen for ubuntu stops loading (progressbar is full) and I hear the welcome sound the install just stops with a cursor (not blinking) in top left corner.

It's the 6.10 version, installing it on a regular IDE HD.
I tried the safe graphics install mode, same thing...

Anyone suggestions what can be going wrong?

maybe try unplugging all devices and connections (particularly network) aside from mouse & keyboard
I'll try that... Now that you mention it, after I gave up and booted back into Vista I noticed my webcam was lit (the little led inside the cam) like it was being used. The puter was still doing the POST tho... So it maybe was my webcam causing it to hang. I'll give it a try tonite. Thnx.
Ok, tried installing again with all possible devices unplugged, only PS/2 keyboqrd was connected and the install crahed again. I let it sit there for like 10 minutes and nothing happened... I ran the cd check and the memory test and passed both.

... what should I look @ now?



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