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uBuntu failing to install :(

Hey guys im trying to install uBuntu 4.10 for amd 64 and at about 37% of installation it fails and tells me failed to install base system... what does that mean :confused:
well problem solved i downloaded SuSE linux 9.10 and installed it and it worked :) it's really hard to get used to linux gui but i love it
FishBoy said:
linux question, if i want to install exe applications like msn how do i open the executable, it's telling me open with??
I'm so sorry, I shouldn't be laughing but...

Linux doesn't run .exe files. It's a different operating system. In fact, there is no separate format for executable files in Linux. Anything with execute permissions is allowed to 'run.'
There is no Linux version of MSN Messenger. You'll need to use something like aMSN or Gaim.
lol it's ok if you laugh im still learning, im using Kopete for msn, but i can't get to change the permissions on the files or folders so i can't save anything, do i have to change the permissions on windows to be able to write in them??


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What are you trying to save and where? Regular users are pretty much jailed to their ~ directory, this is a good thing.


Glaanies script monkey
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what filesystem is D:\? Linux write support for NTFS is sketchy at best. How is it mounted? Do you have write permissions on the mount?
well the D: is ntfs and it's mounted on... i dont know what that is :D
and btw i want to compile a C program and command line doesn't recognize the cc command but when i tried it on knoppix it worked
double you tea eff, i think my version of linux is messed up
i tried compiling with gcc didn't work tried the which command on cc, gcc and c++ they dont even exist :(
oh btw take a look at this aMSN they said it's msn for linux and stuff like that
one more question.... sorry guys just trying to learn what im looking at... so there is mac it's used mostly for graphics/design, windows is used for basic use, and linux is used for administrating, but when i was downloading linux there was another package called linux server pro or someting like that so what's the linux that i have used for

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