Ubuntu 6.10 under Parallels Workstation


Not Bman

I have been searching all over for a tutorial, I can't find one.

I want to install Ubuntu 6.10 under Parallels Workstation in Vista.

I have never used this software before, I need help!
I posted this on the Ubuntu forums but that place is inpossible to get a answer. I have been waiting for one for 3 days, my message is now like 5 pages behind the front. So they can't help me.
Personally, for virtualization, I'm a big VMWare proponent.. while their workstation version is more expensive (and technically doesn't run on Vista yet - although you can pull down a free copy of the Beta for version 6 which does run on Vista), I think it is more feature rich and more mature of a product.

All that being said, I don't know how much help I can give you since I only tested Parallels very briefly before going back to VMWare v6 Beta on my vista box.

What problems are you having?
Basically I load the Install cd with parallels, and it hangs, dosen't do anything.

The only reason i am using parallels is because i want to be able to press like 2 buttons on the keyboard, and it does like some cool fullscreen switch around.
how much memory did you allocate to the virtual machine? If you allocated over 1 GB of RAM, try setting it something less (like 512MB or 768MB)
hrm.. my help may be limited then. Is it only a problem with the Ubuntu load? If you try to install an instance of say, Windows XP, are you able to get into the setup? If not, it may be more of an issue with Parallels than Ubuntu. Is there an option to force a boot from the CD? Have you tried using just an .iso image of the install disk instead of physical media?
I used just the .iso, and cd.

haven't tryed installing XP, i might do that next.
I am going to try to install linux normally, i have a storage hardrive.

Which has stuff on it, is there a way to partition it without losing data?

*edit, and its ubuntu, my xp works fine with parallels.
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my guess is your media for ubuntu is bad..

As for repartitioning, partition magic works well last time I tried it. Strangely enough, you can use linux to repartition as well.. There are a lot of other utilities I believe that can do it as well which can be found by google I'm sure..
I downloaded Ubuntu right from there servers, no problems burning or downloading it. Where could of something gone wrong, should I try another download?

*edit, look this is what I want. You know that cool, cube switching with linux and mac, I want that with Vista (main OS) and Ubuntu (secondary).

What is the easiest way of getting that.

*edit, tryed SUSe 10, and it loads but it froze my computer, i had to hit the reset button....could it possibly be my version of parallels...hmm
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I'm trying VMware now, it's asking for a configuration file, but how do I get one? I want to try to install openSUSE 10 with it...
Thats nice, but why would I used Parallels Desktop for Mac, when I'm using a PC.
I'm trying VMware now, it's asking for a configuration file, but how do I get one? I want to try to install openSUSE 10 with it...

which version of vmware.. and if you referring the the virtual machine configuration, that would be the .vmx file
Thats nice, but why would I used Parallels Desktop for Mac, when I'm using a PC.

You wouldn't, but I would assume the base level code for the Parallels versions to be at least similar, so it should at least be possible. That is also why I pointed you towards the Parallels forums so that you might be able to ask a more targeted audience
I know the VM Configuration file is .vmx, but how do I get one.

I guess I will have to go check those forums out, even though I had making more accounts I wont keep for ever. I will get back to you guys.
you would only need the .vmx file if you are trying to open an existing vm.. if you are creating a new VM, then you create the vmx file through the GUI..

again, what version of VMWare are you trying to use?
VMware Player, not sure which version, it wont let me keep the program open without a .vmx file.

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