UATA33 vs UATA100

My hard disk supports Ultra ATA/100 (UDMA Mode 5), but my mobo seems to be too old to allow my hard disk to use it.

The maximum I can get at my current configuration is Ultra ATA/33 (UDMA Mode 2).

I know that adding an Ultra ATA/100 expansion card will allow me to use UATA/100.

Now, the question is will I get a NOTICEABLE performance boost if I move up from 33 to 100??
If so, where will I notice the difference in performance? Will it increase overall speed SIGNIFICANTLY, will it speed up 3D rendering, boot up time ... anything?

In short, are there any major advantages of Ultra ATA/100 over Ultra ATA/33, and if so, what are they?



Hell yes, VERY noticeable increase...I plugged in an OLD ATA 33 Ribbon Cable, into what should have been ATA 100 HD and ATA 100 Mobo...It took 4 minutes to boot, way over my usual 1:27, which I have tried to fix, but XP just doesn't like my mobo...takes that long even after fresh install and re-format:D



Nothing to add really, except that Promise makes great products, and if you plan on upgrading to alot more Hard Drives, you may want to look into their RAID Controller Cards...


good call Catch.. yeah the Promise ATA100 controller will make a huge difference for you.. It should come with at least one IDE cable in the box.. one thing to consider in speed is the RPM.. 7200 is quite a bit different over 5400.. be careful of how you configure your machine though.. ATA100 is backwards compatible.. what this means is if you have a 40GB ATA100 drive and a 10GB ATA33 or 66 drive on the same chain the bus will default to the slowest drive speed (33 or 66).. in this respect you'd be wasting bandwidth..

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