u tube crashes all my computers

Perris Calderon

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24 Jan 2002
when I play around with multiiple u tubes of the same song it crashes my browser

it crashes the new ie, the old ie, my 64 bit with a gig of memory and my dually with 2 gigs of memory

anyone else get this?
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Does it still happen? This was happening to me earlier, but now it is not any more.
it's when I play a utube, by accident hit the screen which goes to the utube site, then when I realize the mistake I close one of the tubes..that will crash the browser, but not every time
Odd, I never had this problem. I have with other flash things in the new IE, it wouldn't install the plugin. So I had to install it manually with the stand alone.

I found that it came from the get flash warning. What I did to fix it was go to tool/programs/manage addons and disabled the gflash class ...

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