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Two Towers!!!


Boogie Nights...!
Out tomorrow!!!! Wohoooooooooo!!!!!

I seem to have been caught up in the hype....but hot-digity this film looks amazing!!

Anyone else planning to see it?!!

Canny wait!


F@H - Is it in you?
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Originally posted by Funky Dredd
I'll be there! I'm not going to miss it! :cool:
just over 6 hrs till I watch that baby :)

I'll post soon as I come home... and post all the spoilers...


:D j/k


F@H - Is it in you?
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just came back home from watching it... around 3:50AM odd here time :)

its pretty good... a bigger variation from the books than the first I thought but it is by far one of the better movies I have seen this year... expect a nomination and possible win for visual effects oscar for the team.. what a job...

I give a 5/5 *'s rating :)

highly recommended... oh and its long... but if you sat through the first one this one will be a breeze... pace is brisk...
I am not going to drink anything before I go see that, or I will have to go pee, and that will force me to leave the moive :blink:

Sazar it's 6 am here now, and I'm going either today, or in 2 days, one or the other. I think I'll like it :happy: :)
Just watched it... didn't think it was worth the 3hrs 15mins in the cinema with a stomach ache... drank too much earlier while watching 007... for the 5th time... darn school trips :p

fights and effects were good... but not my type film + not a huge LOTR fan... although thought the first one was pretty good :) - this was a little 'all over the place'... i knew i should have read the book :)



speaking of drinking in movies
we have "the challenge" to drink a large drink during the previews and before the movie starts...
it means you get to the point of bursting towards the end of the film!!:D

about the movie, i wont see it as soon as its out, maybe a few days later, not a HUUGE fan, but im interested


I'm sorry Hal...
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Saw it on Wednesday. Absolutely fantastic, all of it. haven't read the book and didn't have any problems or anything following it etc.
I did notice several scenes which would benefit from watching the Extended Edition Fellowship, but nothing important. Just another YEAR! to the next one.

I'm of to get me some Ents....


I'm sorry Hal...
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I believe the R1 version (maybe in addition to the 4 disk set) has a 5th disk which is someing crap from the National Geographic channel
Watched it this morning ... finally!!

It was really superb! The landscape, the war scenes, everything!
And again, they leave us hanging at the end of the movie ... NOOOOOO ... another year of waiting! :(

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