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Two thing's on the same IRQ and my graphics card


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I was noticing that my graphics card wasn't performing as it should and I've just noticed that something else is on the same IRQ as it. It's the IEEE 1394 Bus host controler. I have no idea what this is or how to get it onto a different IRQ. Can anyone help

Electronic Punk

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Mine the same IRQ as my nic. It's not a big concern, however, if you don't even use the firewire port you may as well disable it...


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The biggest concern is to have the sound card and video card share an IRQ. The sound card should always have a seperate IRQ. Doom, there doesn't seem much you can do, cos I'm assuming the 1394 is intergrated into the motherboard, so has a permenant "slot". The only option would be to change from an ACPI computer to a standard one. This can be down with a fresh install, but it entails reinstalling many drivers. Best done when you reformat.

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