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17 Feb 2004
My problem is I play music through my computer to a stereo at my work, but when I want to play a game I have to plug in headphones for I can hear the game without disterbing the costumers. I was wondering if I put in a second sound card, could I could play just music through one sound card and listen to just the game audio through the other.
im not sure how to route the music for the game, but for the actual music, if youre using winamp, you can configure the DirectSound output to use whichever sound card u want. just go to preferences and in th output section click on the Directsound plugin and click on configure. you should be able to choose your device in that menu....
im guessing that the game you're using can also do something of that style for its sound output
I gather you'd just direct Winamp (or whatever you're using for Music) to the secondary card, and leave the game to use the primary as it is.

But yeah, what you're proposing is possible, may just require some fiddling about with settings before it all works perfect :)
well can I use my headphone jack on the front of my computer instead of buying a new sound card , or is the headphone jack hardwired into the sound card on the motherboard
its wired to the sound card of the mobo, but im not sure if hard wired
pinkgunman, just to clear things up but I am guessing the idea is so you can run both at the same time ?
I currently use 2 sound cards - for headphones (Teamspeak etc) I use onboard sound, but for 5.1 I use a Soundblaster Live! 5.1
Its really not that hard to use 2 sound cards, they just work for me. All you do is change settings in whatever programs to whichever card you want...

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