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two problems

i had a problem with driver_irql before, but i got it fixed in another thread. when i fixed it, i don't get anymore blue screens, but now games freeze at random moments. could this be a power problem..or driver problem? also i can't change my start bar to xp style, it can only use classic. when i try to change it, it says the service could not be started.


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Hi one,

For your XP theme, Goto Start > Run > then type "services.msc" without the quotes. Then scroll down til you find "Themes" then right click "properties" and select "automatic" and select "Start" then apply.

For your freezing, try to uninstall and reinstall your video drivers.



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For random freezing within games, it could also be a result of a few things....

  • Check that you have the latest video, chipset, and audio drivers.
  • Check to ensure you have the latest version of DirectX
  • Perhaps test your RAM, http://www.memtest86.com works well
i have the latest drivers, and directx..im not sure how to use memtest, i think it might be a power problem..is there somehwere i can check to see how much power a comp would need, i remember seeing a site like that


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As far as the specific power goes, you should consult your hardware documentation. However, as a general rule, use these numbers....

Component Watts
AMD Athlon 64/64 FX 90-110
AMD Thunderbird 50-60
AMD Athlon XP 50-80
AMD Duron 40-60
Intel Pentium 4 60-100
Intel Pentium III 25-40
Intel Celeron 30-60
Basic Graphics Card 25
High Performance Graphics Card 35-100+
Motherboard 18-28
Optical Drive (ea.) 25-35
Hard Drive 25
Memory Module (ea.) 7-12
Unpowered USB/Firewire device 5-10
PCI Sound Card 5-10
Additional PCI Card 5
Floppy Drive 5
Fan 3
Keyboard and Mouse 6

Typically if I can't find the exact for whatever reason on my hardware, I take the average, add them up, and try to give a safety buffer of 30%.

Hope that helps.
hmmm about the overheating..could it be that my cpu is getting too hot? i had to take my heatsink and cpu out for a move, and some of the coolant gel came off, how would i check the temp on the cpu?

oh and the services thing for my xp bar didn't work, still not letting me use xp style
what type of motherboard do you have? If you have a decent one there should be hardware monitoring tools available to download and monitor your temps. You can always remove your cpu, clean the cpu and heatsink of the thermalpaste, and then reapply it. And make sure there is no dust buildup in your cpu heatsink.


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one.123 said:
ok i think im going to try and clean my cpu and heatsink..is there a special way to do it, heh i don't wanna mess it up
Very easy, just use isopropyl alcohol, or if you have acetone use that, I found that IN A PINCH using nail polish remover works very well also, just make sure you get it ALL off, before you add your thermal paste back on.... if you have goop off or other type of cleaner they work ok too..

any paste will do, although artic silver is one of the best... any radio shack will have the thermal paste (maybe not artic silver though)... and dont worry about putting on too much the extra will squeeze out the sides...

I like to use a business or credit card to smooth it on as equally as possible and then wipe off excess with a lint free towel (again if you have one)



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celticfan11 said:
ohh it did work, and it dropped like 5 degrees Celcius at idle after reapplied the heatsink w/ thermal paste of corse.

HOLY $H|+ thats alot of temp droppage...

the paste or film that was ther emust have been REAL bad.. come to think of it... wasnt I the one that posted it was prob a CPU to HSF issue?


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ok i looked at my bios setup and it says my cpu is at 44c, and its been running awhile..so i don't think thats the problem, i think the problem is with memory..someone gave me the memtest thing but when i run it, it comes out with a dos prompt and says put in the image source file or something so im lost..

Once you download that, you will have to burn it to a cd after unzipping it of course. Nero has an option that says "Burn image to cd", which ever burning program you have, should allow you to burn an image.

or just do a search on google, "How to burn an image with _______" Replace the space with the burning software you use.

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May be better to go get memtest86+ which is located here instead of the original Memtest86.

Memtest86 has not been updated since 2004 and had a few bugs while Memtest86+ was just updated last week.

You can run it on a floppy or a CD.

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