Two phone lines and two modems


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6 Feb 2004
I am using WinXP and I have two phone lines and two modems. Can I connect to 2 different ISP-s and double my internet speed.
I know how to connect with 2 modems to one ISP but how can I set 1st modem to dial one number and set 2nd to dial another number and to use different username and password than 1st
Square peg, maybe?

HMMMmmm interesting question - you have not spelt it out, but I guess since you're hoping to double your bandwidth you aim to do this with just ONE computer.

If that is right then I should say the answer is no can do.

If you have two networked computers there may be possibilities, but I would suggest swapping the modems for a router, discontinuing one of the phone lines, and using the money you save to finance a higher bandwidth service as being a far more practical way to go if it is "practical" for you to do so. Otherwise you're really trying to fit a square peg into a round hole IMHO.

PS I think you should have posted this thread in the "Network" forum - maybe a mod will move it there for you?
there is no way to combine the two lines to get double the spped i dont think :(
You would be better trying to pay for a cable or even better broadband service if speed is important to you. Going the route you suggest would be like attaching two motors to a hot air balloon, they may appear to start up and work but they woudln't communicate with each other and baloon would be ripped apart.
You can combine. There are applications which will combine the connection, however, they don't work.
The only true way in which bandwidth can be increased is with Digital channel combining, as an example Tier-3 connections use 672 transmission paths, all at 64k.

I think that's right anyway :p
i had an old ISDN modem, said in the destructions you could combine units to supply a network with a higher bandwidth, never seen this for generic 56k though, besides this was pure ext' hardware so would involve a few hundred ££ to set up. save for a faster connection, thats the best advice.
what you're trying to do is called shotgunning. YOur ISP has to support it for it to work and you need software to enable the full use of it. It's not a very big increase in speed if at all.
what pseudokiller is saying is true, i saw it at an isp here that advertised it (saharanet) and barely got any response
Binding Modems

Note - This method works on Win98 and above, but it will only work on Win95 if you download DUN 1.3.

Binding modems simply means you're running two modems in tandem to give yourself more bandwidth. They don't have to be the same brand or speed. This is sometimes also called "the poor man's ISDN", as binding 2 56k modems will give about the same bandwidth. To do this you'll need:

- Two modems
- Two phone lines
- An ISP that lets you dial in the same account twice (for modem binding purposes)
- Patience

Open your Dial-Up Networking Folder, and right-click on your Dial-Up connection. Choose Properties, and then go to the Multilink tab. Select 'Use additional devices', and then add your second modem to the list. Select it, click Edit, and configure it to dial the correct numbers, etc.

Now try starting up your connection, and if it works, you should now have a much faster connection - for pretty cheap, too.

search for poor man's isdn.....
What you are wanting to do probably cant be done, but it will depent upon the type of phone connection you have--what contry are you in? Im a UK digital telephone engineer so I May be able to advise with more info.

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