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Two Pc's...One Display


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I have two pcs that I would like to use on one monitor. The reason for this is they both produce appication errors for two dissfernt systems and I need to view both at once, however, desk space is limited..hence one monitor!

Do I need to buy some software or two graphics cards to do this?


You can't really view two computers on one monitor both at once.

KVM (~$20) will let you use one kybd,monitor and mouse to control both PC's. I actually have a 4 way KVM switch running 3 PC's. You use a set of keystrokes to change between computers.

You could use remote desktop to view parts of two computers on one monitor but it will be sluggish and one screen will overlay the other. This would work better with a widescreen monitor (less overlap).

If desktop space is limited get two monitors with one a flat panel and hang it on the wall. Then use the KVM to tab the mouse and kybd between the two computers. Note KVM can be troublesome if you use wireless mouse and kybd. I think someone here at OSNN has done it. Can't remember who.


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Or you can do like fitz says

save yourself some cash and remote desktop the second PC from the first.



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If both PC's are next to each other, and the screen updates are not game intensive, remote desktop will work just perfectly. Just set the screen resolution the same on both, and full screen remote desktop, and it will be like you are working on that machine locally.

KVM would work as well, but more expensive and some of them are known to be real trouble.

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