Two OS's on one HDD


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How is is done?

If i use a partition program and install the second OS on it how would i access it (ie have it boot up)?

Thank u!


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A OS selection menu is normally made available (depends on the second OS you install, but in 90% of cases its automatic) to allow you to choose which to boot.


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Teddy said:
How is is done?

If i use a partition program and install the second OS on it how would i access it (ie have it boot up)?

Thank u!
You install them on different partitions and access on boot the one you like to run .


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yeah, it's not hard, but there are orders that you have to use to install multiple OS's, I've been running multi OS's for a few years now, including windows95/98/2000/XP, Linux, Novell... there are just certain orders you ahve to follow when installing.


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Ok, i currently have WinXP Home installed on an unpartitioned HD and want to install Win2003 on the same HD (partitioned). Would it be safe just to partition off about 10gb, install Win2003 to that?

Then when i boot up each time i'll get an option to choose which to use correct?

Thank for the replies so far!


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yes - to all your questions.

If, for some wierd reason, Windows doesn't add the new entry to the boot.ini, it's easy enough to add it manually.


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I think Win2003 should discover XP installed on another partition and add an entry for it into its boot loader


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Since Windows 2003 is the newer OS, Windows should pick up the Win XP installation, and make a boot loader for you automatically.


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it is possible to install two windows operating systems of different or same versions into one partition.

make sure that a) name root folders differently [winnt/windows], b)install the os's in the order they were released.
ie. 1. win98/2. 2k/3. xp/4. 2k3

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