two instances of one program?


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25 Apr 2002
im trying to run two instances of one program (dance game called Pump It Up). ive tried quad-clicking it but it loads too fast so i cant get the last click in. is there an easier way to do this?

Alot of programs you can run two instances of. You have to install it twice, to different directories. I highly doubt this will work with a game, but you can try.
maybe some commandline type thing not sure how it works in windows to load a program and get the prompt back immediately

some sort of mod of this might work though
\> C:\path\to\proggie & && C:\path\to\proggie &

on nix systems the & makes it run in the background or in the case of gui apps runs them and returns you to the prompt and the && is the logical AND so it does the part in front of the && and then does the part after as well

actually testing this the first & does return you to the prompt, but the && doesnt work

if you make a .bat file which does
C:\path\to\proggie &
C:\path\to\proggie &

then it might work

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