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A blond guy is sitting in a bar, located on the 10th floor of a high-rise building. Sitting next to him is a dark-haired guy who looks like he's been drinking awhile.
The dark haired guy turns to the blond guy and says, 'You know the alley between this building and the high-rise next door?'
'Yeah, what about it?' answers the blond guy, as the bartender sets another drink down in front of him.
'Well,' says the dark-haired guy, 'there's a really strong draft between the two buildings. If you jumped out the window, the draft would keep you from falling and bring you back up
'No way, you're lying,' says the blond guy.
'I'll prove it to you,' says the dark-haired guy.
So the two guys and the bartender walk over to the window. The dark-haired guy jumps out and starts to fall. About four floors from the ground, he starts heading back up. He grabs the window ledge and the other guy helps him back in.
The blond guy decides he wants to try that, so he jumps out the window. But he doesn't come back up. Instead, he hits the ground with a SPLAT. The dark-haired guy returns to his seat, followed by the bartender.
As the bartender gives him another drink, he says, 'You know, you really are a mean drunk, Superman.'

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