Two Firewalls at one time?



Hello, Everyone: As alot of you know XP has its own Preinstalled Firewall (exit only) and for extra security I wanted to get Zone Alarm which is Compatible with XP! Now I wanted to know is it OK to run BOTH at the same time or should i disable Windows XP? Is any one running both NOW and do you have any problems?
That is exacxtly what i do at the moment, the XP firwall stops most of the ISP's pings and zonealarm keeps an eye on any more seriouse attacks or proggys accessing the web...

The XP firewall added a ~ before my ident online, which meant the bots didn't recognise me, damn things, don't wanna add teh new host, so I just disabled it, just switched from Zone Alarm to Norton Firewall - am still learning my way around it...
Buddy of mine tried running the XP firewall with Nortons firewall and he said it made his system very slow. Personally I can't see a reason to run two firewall seems like it would be opening the door to conflicts and eat up more resourses.
Yeah, I also have the internal firewall activated AND use Zone Alarm Pro for all those nasty little programmes trying to phone home !! No problems at all. I had a couple of hiccups at first, but only because of my ignorance.
Good luck.

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